I am an international speaker with over 25 years of experience in keynotes, lectures, expert panels and as a chairman/moderator. I perform for single persons to a couple of thousand participants, from a 10 minutes to masterclasses that last more than a week. To give you an expression of my work here some questions I address, general and specific topics, domains and functions (target groups) I can serve:

Examples of questions:

  • What is a value and a transaction and why do we need trust?
  • How can you organize supply and demand without almost any friction?
  • Why do we actually work and why do we organize our work?
  • How does the future of work look like (our the future without work)?
  • What is trust and how to organize it without almost any friction?
  • What is blockchain, how can u use is (and how not) and how to start?

Examples of general topics:

  • Blockchain Organizing
  • Blockchain Basics
  • From business to network
  • Shared Transaction Networks
  • General Data Common
  • Blockchain For Communities (B4C)
  • Productivity improvement
  • Design Thinking
  • Pioneership / entrepreneurship / leadership

Examples of specific topics:

  • Trust paradox / productivity paradox
  • Affordable and sustainable prosperity
  • Evolution and history of organizations
  • Organizational science / Institute For New Organizational Thinking
  • Large Scale Interventions
  • Circular economy
  • Weconomics / community economy
  • Human Capitalism
  • New European Privacy Law (GDPR)
  • Open innovation
  • Digital Leadership & Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Blockchain for The Good)

Examples of domains:

  • Management (OrgTech)
  • Agrifood (AgriTech)
  • Education & Research (EduTech)
  • SmartFactory (FacTech)
  • Facility Management & Maintenance (FamTech)
  • Finance, Insurance, Fiscal & Accountancy (FinTech)
  • Technology For The Good (FTGTech)
  • Government (GovTech)
  • Healthcare (HealthTech)
  • Human Resource Management (HRTech)
  • Information Technology (ITTech)
  • Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBSTech)
  • Legal & Notary (LegTech)
  • Logistics, Purchase & Supply Chain Management (LogTech)
  • Marketing, Sales & Communication (MarTech)
  • Traveling, Mobility & Hospitality (TrafTech)
  • Utility & Real Estate (UtilTech)

Examples of functions (target group, professionals):

  • Organization consultants
  • ICT architects
  • Strategists & policy makers
  • Managers
  • HR managers and professionals
  • Community builders/managers
  • Business developers
  • Change managers

Some examples of my presentations in English:

financial systems


“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past,
but by the responsibility for our future.” (Bernard Shaw)