Blockchain Organizing

My latest book I wrote together with Walter Bril is called ‘Blockchain Organizing for Managers: management as innovation reinvented’. Before this book we wrote a  600+ page book: ‘Blockchain Organizing: fundamentals for a new social economic order’, people also call this book the blockchain bible’.

Blockchain is a new and disruptive concept to organize trust when we exchange values. This concept will make traditional coordination mechanism, like ‘the firm’, ‘the bank’ or ‘the government’, too expensive, almost by default. This new concept is able to organize trust, without expanding complexity. It’s a combination of a new technology with a fundamentally new organization model and we call it ‘Blockchain Organizing’.

When blockchain technology is combined with a fundamentally new organization model a disruptive way of organizing trust, our work, economy, and society will emerge. This new way of organizing also means that the IT landscape, first design and architecture and after that also development and management, will fundamentally change.

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